STREAM - an energy scenario modelling tool

About the STREAM modelling tool

The STREAM modelling tool provides a quick insight into the different potential energy mixes not only for the whole of Europe, but also for defined regions or countries. The model allows planners, politicians, students and others to be able to create scenarios on demand.

Moreover, the databases used can be periodically updated (through Eurostat for example) making this tool and the results more realistic and adaptable. Different potential policies or projections can also be incorporated providing an overview of the proposed scenario.

The STREAM modelling tool is rather unique due to three key elements:

  • First, the model is developed with the purpose of enhancing the complete energy flow; from fuel exploration, conversion and energy use, across all sectors in the society, including the transport sector. Many other models only focus on certain parts of the energy system, for example the dispatching of power plants in the electricity sector and the district heating system.
  • Second, the model is developed in cooperation with a university, an energy company, a transmission system operator and consultants. This gives the model a high degree of credibility and keeps the focus on problem solving, and thus results in a dialogue with other interests.
  • And third, it is a relatively simple model, which makes it possible to conduct new analyses relatively quickly – for example during a meeting. This enhances the knowledge basis for qualified decisions.


The models are based on a bottom-up approach. This means that the user defines the input to the models - for instance, X percent wind power in the electricity sector or X percent bio- ethanol in the transport sector - and on this basis an output is calculated. The model does not perform an economic optimisation specifying exactly which set of measures are the most advantageous to combine under the given conditions.