STREAM - an energy scenario modelling tool

Download the STREAM modelling tool

The Stream model consists of two Excel spreadsheet models:


1. The Energy Flow Model

This is a static model, which asseses the energy system and provides information about the whole energy system for a given year. The energy demands and supply are determined in this spreadsheet.

The Flow Model can be run independently of the Duration Curve Model in a stand‐alone mode for simplified analyses using estimates of full load hours of operation of dispatchable plants, condense based production of extraction CHP plants and electricity overflow from fluctuating sources (e.g. wind).


2. The Duration Curve Model

The purpose of the Duration Curve Model is to analyse correlations in the Danish electricity and district heating systems on an hourly basis: uncontrollable vs. dispatchable electricity, combined heat and power, district heating generation, storage devices, flexible and inflexible demand, etc. Based on the analyses from the Duration Curve Model, input is provided to the Flow Model, modifying the initial overall energy flow and economic calculations, estimated through assumptions during the stand alone simulation (without linkage to the Duration Curve Model), such as full load hours of operation of thermal plants.

The Duration Curve Model does not include financial optimization, as it is a relatively simple spreadsheet model. However, it optimizes the operation of the system, minimizing the total required installed capacity of power and CHP plants and the use and capacity of boilers for district heating.



Download the STREAM model here: (8.6 MB zip-folder)